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Recent Works 2006-2016

I am an artist who infuses interactive games and social networking tools into virtual, robotic, and/or 3d projection installations. Other artworks and 3D projections are excavations designed to stretch commonly accepted definitions by blurring edges between solid and fictive places that question the real-to-reel. The 3D video portrait installations depict environmental upheavals caused by the aftermath of unpredictable global warming weather conditions. Another installation, "Global Warming Bursting Seams", was shown at the Museum Quartier in Vienna. The museum space was used as a site-specific display where visitors could view virtual water seeping thru the seams of the space while they looked thru a virtual window that was projection mapped over the real window in the space for viewing the destructions caused by erratic climate change conditions. Collaborations with global teams include "Truth Or Consequences,” ISEA2012, & “Truth And Consequences/Know yourself to Act!" Fuse Art Space, Bradford England in 2015. Both used QR codes to activate a series of ethical questions for the audience to address about global warming and the associated environmental dilemmas that we face today.

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