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Works 1980-1989

Play video below to view works 1990 - 1999


Early 1980's - I published my second artist book, an opera, titled "Scenario Sounds”, an edition of 220 books with six silk screens & audio tape cassette, later updated to a CD version in 2007. "Personae Mimickings / Or Voices From The Piano" is a piece about one person’s multiple voices that are expressed via text, color-coded sound scores, and audio. I composed the work to be performed by reading color scores guiding fingers on the piano and as a backdrop to the libretto I designed expressing multiple personalities within all people. "Ethnographic Weavings/Exchanging Contexts Changing," a vocoder was used to electronically stretch dialects & tonal inflections, weaving dialects to sounds like musical instruments. Voices were culled from various ethnic communities in New York City. After exhibiting “The Acoustics of Space” paint and tile panels at Steffanoti Gallery in N.Y.  Later I used ceramic tile relief murals in my solo show at P.S.1 MoMA, Queens NY and showed ceramic tile relief furniture and wall panels at the Germans Van Eck gallery in 1984. This ceramic departure from my prior trajectory ended with my exhibiting furniture constructions at Art and Industrie Gallery in 1988. Frances and Sydney Lewis commissioned several pieces for their home in Virginia as well as for Best Products, their Virginia based company. During 1985, I received a grant to work in Tokoname Japan for three months where I completed a public art building facade frieze for the Washington State Arts Council. 1989 thru the 90's, I used the wall and floor as domains to both penetrate and extrude 3D forms, solely displaying partial shapes that forced the viewer to rely on memory in order to experience the unseen.


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