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I exhibited Draped Paintings at Kornblee Gallery N.Y. 1968 through 1972 including draped, some with infused sound, and pleated paintings run through pleating machines. A "Cotton Duck Thread Reading" work was included in the inaugural 1973 Whitney Museum Biennial New York. 1970’s I continued exploring feminist theory, joined women to form Heresies Magazine: A Feminist Journal On Art and Politics. I was a member of a CR group, and helped form some in NYC as well as one in Japan with a small group of women living near Nagoya Prefecture. Disturbed by a society built on bones of the disenfranchised, I supported actions of women demanding exposure in the male-dominated art arena. 1973-1977 I created “Dilated Grain Readings” and Scanning Paint Placements. I saw the latter as a need for mystery, to have paint show the struggle to exist separately from the ground chromatically built on, although simultaneously sinking into it. 


Early Works 1967-1979


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