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New Media & Interactive Exhibits

The goal of my artwork and interactive installations is to empower people to discover multiple perspectives based upon their individual quests. To enhance individual awareness of these conditions, I often infuse interactive technology and social networking tools into the art installations. These can be experienced in projects such as those hosting interactive video game walls or interactive movies, and constructions such as Cloud/House; a glass house structure hosting a cloud changing shapes due to ultrasound. Playing my team’s interactive games acknowledges that as the world turns, our personal viewpoints change and what we search to find in societal, environmental, and political issues and agendas shift.


Criss~Crossing The Divine/Spiral Vortex Paint Game 2016 Doc

An Interactive installation conceived to address the ever-expanding religious intolerance fueling global wars. Attendees use interactive wands to curate topics and assign more or less importance to each topic they select. The player receives color-coded scripture perspectives parsed from the individual's search. No search results are the same. Directed to a website, the player learns from which of the 46,000 scriptures within The Old Testament, The New Testament, Hindu Rig Vedas, The Quran, and Buddhist Texts, their color-coded text results originated.

Variable sized interactive game installation, 2016
Nina Yankowitz with Peter Koger, Mauri Kaipainen, and Barry Holden

Conversation: Animate & (In)animations, 2016

A conversation between the animate & the inanimate: between the young and old. In this performance art installation, rocking chairs converse via woven motion overlaps, identity exchanges, and includes an audio sound score generated from the chairs’ output of robotic mechanical pitches and tempos.

Criss~Crossing The Divine, Guild Hall Museum 2014

CRISS~CROSSING THE DIVINE attends to the ever-expanding religious intolerance that fuels violence and global wars. Nina Yankowitz’ multi-faith sanctuary empowers people to be in personal dialogue with 46,000 scriptures from five diverse Faiths: The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Quran, The Hindu Rig Vedas, and Buddhist texts. 
Playing the team’s interactive games acknowledges that as the world turns, our personal perspectives change and accordingly what we search to find in the scriptures shifts. 
A performance of robotic mannequin devotees representing one of the five faith’s expresses a quintessential gesture to converse with “The Other” like actors onstage inside of the video projecting on a wall. 
The scenario depicts a world infested with religious intolerance perpetually causing ‘HOUSES OF WORSHIP’ 
to become ‘HOUSES OF WARSHIP’ shattering all shelters of faith.
 With interactive wands, the participant curates topics and assigns more or less importance to each topic-word they select and later visit our dedicated website to learn from which religions their color-coded search-results originated.
 The goal is to discover new perspectives found from the individual’s quest, ad infinitum and with no amen. This insures that searching scriptures can never settle into a permanent groove.

The Third Woman, 2011

The Third Woman team has created different versions directed by individual team members. Pia Tikka and Martin Rieser’s film updates post-war themes found in director Carol Reed's 1949 The Third Man movie. Our new Interactive film game versions continue exposing the pervasive theme of global threats to use bio-engineered terrorism in the 21st century.

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