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Works 2000-2008

All Houses sizes vary based on the site, but are approx. 76"h X 100"w x 86"d high glass, and aluminium. 

During 2002-2012 Houses addressing PLACE as unstable fantasies that need carving schemes to encourage continual redefinitions. These environmental portraits focused on exposing the current instability of climate change in order to confront finding ways to heal the global landscape as well as installations re-righting injustices to women in the sciences unrecognized for their important discoveries during their lifetimes. In 2002 I employed interactive games & installations addressing socio-political content. 


CloudHouse, 2005

CloudHouse hosts the making of a cloud continually changing form. The shapes are derived from the humidity and barometric pressure conditions in the atmosphere surrounding this glass and aluminum structure. The size is determined by the particular site constraints. Cloud formations are made with an ultra high frequency sound wave generator that produces fine droplets of cold mist. I envision this work in the public realm, scaled as if a monumental soothsayer sited in a public square seductively inviting people to gather. Perceived as an ephemeral place, CloudHouse behaves like a fickle wizard forecasting imminent, sometimes ominous weather conditions.


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