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Climate Change Projects

My Environmental portraits focus on exposing the current instability of gravitational trust, exploding structures and our reliance on stability into particles of dust. 


Global Warming Window, 2011

Viewers are able to look through a virtual window and experience the devastating results of unpredictable weather conditions. Another virtual projection version was displayed at the museum Quarter in Vienna, 2011. I used the museum space as a site-specific display to create Global Warming Bursting Seams. Peter Koger’s mapping of my virtual window over the actual window in the space allowed viewers to look through the window to the outside and experience the results of unpredictable weather conditions. They could also view virtual water seeping thru the architectural moldings in the gallery.

ShatterHouse FloodMudHouse, 2012

ShatterHouse FloodMudHouse is a video portrait depicting environmental upheavals, an aftermath defined by unstable, unpredictable, weather changes birthed from the onslaught of climate change, questioning the real-to-reel.

Truth & Consequences: Know Yourself To Act! 

Truth & Consequences: Know Yourself To Act is an Interactive Global Warming Game for people to learn about their own values so they can act to remedy the destructive elements caused by erratic climate change conditions. This interactive environmental projection is a portrait in the process of shattering and rebuilding from vacillations in the real-to-reel--reflecting the destructive, fickle nature of weather that shatters gravitational trust into particles of dust. The QR code was chosen as a near universal interaction device that allows people to collaborate with our media using mobile phones regardless of platform. People encounter a large 9’x16’, or smaller, video projection displaying a variety of global warming weather conditions that threaten the environment. QR codes are embedded in the projection for people to use smart phones and view a video animation, or respond to a series of ethical questions, posed about climate change and the associated environmental dilemmas we face today. Tallies of the selected options are computing in-real-time for people to review at a dedicated website. A performance at some venues can include live models or robotic mannequins wearing LED lighted costumes with QR codes on the fabric of their costumes. People can use their smart phones to scan the QR Codes and vote their viewpoints on climate change.

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